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Dog Parkour

Combining elements from human parkour and dog agility we create an accessible activity for dogs and humans alike. We introduce jumps, climbing, balancing over, through, under, going around, walking on, bouncing off, and even skateboarding. Dog parkour can be done anywhere and we train you and your dog in all aspects so that can easily find everyday obstacles to practice on while keeping your dog (and you) safe.

Our Dog Parkour training sessions are undertaken by  a certified Dog Parkour trainer and an iMDT accredited dog trainer so you can rest assured your dog is in safe hands. We start in our secure training field specifically designed for dog parkour training and then take this training to local parks, woods etc to develop the skills in real life environments. 

Our Training Philosophy

It is not a competition
Be safe
Have fun
Let the dog choose
Build confidence
Every dog is different

Dog Parkour is a non-competitive sport, it is a journey of learning and discovery. You and your dog can work towards titles at any level if you choose to do so, but this is not important.

Every dog is different and every dog comes with its own ability to approach and conquer obstacles. Dogs vary in age, health, and strength and therefore it is more about getting out and enjoying the world and exploring rather being able to do the flashiest moves, the biggest jumps or being able to balance on the smallest objects.

It is a journey (however long it takes) to assess your dog’s comfort level, conquer fears, build strength and confidence, balance and have fun.

It is a journey (however long it takes) to assess your dog’s comfort level, conquer fears, build strength and confidence, balance and have fun.

Any dog can do Parkour, you just adjust the obstacles to suit in terms of size, height, difficulty, etc. Dog parkour is not just about physical ability, it is about mental enrichment as well. Therefore we can help advise and train your Parkour eye to suit puppies, through disabled to elderly dogs.

Foundation Lessons

Although it may look easy there is a real discipline to Dog Parkour so that you and your dog are kept safe and get the most out of the training.

There are also certain obedience commands like sit, wait, release, eye contact and recall along with other commands like round, in/out, that are highly useful so that you and your dog can be introduced the exciting world of Dog Parkour as soon as possible.

Although we start on our specially designed Dog Parker training course we then take generalise this training elsewhere so you and the dogs can enjoy it in the everyday world. We call this parkour eye. Dog Parkour can be done anywhere where there are things to jump on or over, climb, balance on, crawl under and go around. Your real-world Dog parkour course is limited only to your imagination!

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